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BIUNOCTIUM INC is a company with permanent and patient capital with industrial approach focusing on accelerating value creation through direct investments and private equity fund management.

The basis of the company’s reliability system is risk assessment at all stages of the life cycle of investment areas.

The basis of the company’s work is investments, including the petrochemical industry.

Oil and gas industry is constantly growing along with its need for technology and services. The Alberta Government is improving technological applications across the hydrocarbons value chain, from extraction technologies through to resource processing.

The global petrochemical industry has experienced more than 15 years of strong volume growth: annual ethylene production has risen from around 100 million metric tons in 2000 to almost 150 million metric tons in 2016. In conjunction with this volume growth, value creation has also risen at a 4 percent compound annual growth rate since 2005. Petrochemical company stocks have performed strongly compared with other chemical sectors and the overall market over the period.

In the past three years, petrochemical companies worldwide have been showing buoyant margins, as healthy demand growth, particularly from Asia, has led to high operating rates, especially in the ethylene and C2 derivatives chain and propylene and C3 derivatives chain. This has enabled companies to hold on to the higher margins stemming from lower oil prices, instead of the industry’s more typical practice of passing falls in feedstock costs through to customers.